Saturday, September 20, 2014

Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs connected?!

This one is for Nate Butler (@ATLSportsNate on Twitter).

I'm not completely sure when this hysteria started, but I've noticed that many fans of "Atlanta" sports-UGA is in Athens- have stated that the Atlanta Falcons and the University of Georgia football team are somehow, someway connected. After years of observation, I agree. So earlier, I tweeted, "There's no more denying it. The Falcons and UGA have a supernatural connection that can't be stopped." This prompted a response from Nate Butler. I asked if he would like me to lay out my theory and he responded with "Preach brethren." So, I'm putting on my conspiracy theorist cap to "prove" that these two footballs teams are intertwined. Here we go.

Exhibit A: The bitter endings to the 2012 football season.
Playing in the SEC Championship, The Georgia Bulldogs were in a battle against the Alabama Crimson Tide. With just mere seconds left in the ball game, the Bulldogs had the football inside the Alabama 10-yard line. With the clock running under 15 seconds, Aaron Murray completed a short pass, but UGA had no timeouts and the clock expired. UGA lost the game 32-28. If they had won, they would have possibly played in the BCS National Championship, therefore, you can call the SEC Championship from 2012 the semi-championship game.

Only a month later, the Falcons were in the semi-championship game (NFC Championship) hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Atlanta had the ball inside the 49er 10-yard line and failed to score a touchdown on four attempts, losing the game 28-24.

Coincidentally, both games were played in the Georgia Dome. Also, the Falcons and Bulldogs failed to get into the exact same end zone which cost them the game.

Exhibit B: 2013 season.
Both the Falcons and Bulldogs started their 2013 campaigns on the road, in very difficult venues. The Bulldogs played at Clemson while the Falcons were in New Orleans. Both the Falcons and Bulldogs lost. The following week, both teams returned to Georgia and won their home openers.

The Bulldogs and Falcons were also missing explosive wide receivers and had  terrible defenses that year.

Exhibit C: Beginning of 2014 season.
In their first games of this year, The Falcons and Bulldogs hosted- and defeated- the same teams they visited to open up the 2013 season. In their second games, both teams went on the road to lose in sickening fashions. In their third games, both teams returned home and laid the smackdown on their opponents.

So there you have it.

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